How much do you know about the UN Global Goals? The impact technology has on society today? Or how to create and develop your very own charity? We had some fantastic guests speak at ReachOut’s Knowledge and Networking event from Koreo on the UN Global Goals, VOLO on the impact of technology on society, and the Co-founder of The Compass Trust on his journey of starting a charity.

Koreo, a talent consultancy dedicated to social impact, gave us an insight into the UN Global Goals and how they are emerging in the UK. Did you know food prices are expected to double by 2030? Crazy right? Gaining an understanding of the UN Global Goals and how organisations like Siemens and Unilever are taking action to meet them is fantastic. Floree Zana-Neagra spoke about how this UN initiative is also about engaging ‘the everyman’ by raising awareness and to encourage everyone to think about what we can do as individuals to support and develop the UN Global Goals further.

VOLO provide free technology to help charities locate, track and engage their volunteers. It’s amazing to hear how our world is changing, millennials check their phones 150 times a day! Mobile phones are now our means of contact whether that be through social media or sending a text so it was eye-opening to hear the impact technology has not only on ourselves, but on organisations. Although technology can have a negative effect on us as individuals, it is a great platform for charities like ReachOut to raise awareness and find passionate volunteers who are eager to help our young people.

The Compass Trust is a charity based in South Africa supporting young people in disadvantaged areas receive the best education. They do this by providing the young people with scholarships to go to amazing schools. It was shocking to hear the things young people have to experience in South Africa and the impact that living in a tough area can have on a young person. It is so warming to know that charities like The Compass Trust are around to provide opportunities to young people who need that extra stepping stone to reach their full potential.

Not only did we hear from these fantastic organisations, but we had the chance to meet representatives from other charities like Frontline and Mind. Networking gave me the opportunity to see what else is out there and how I can support other charities with current issues we face in society. The Leadership Programme’s Knowledge and Networking event was a fantastic opportunity to hear from these organisations, not only raising awareness, but also to inspire the Project Leaders at the event to do a little bit more in the world.

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