It's been an exciting week! If you’ve been following our social media channels over the last few days you'll know that ReachOut has been involved in something truly historic.

On Saturday, five ReachOut mentees were invited to attend a Town Hall with the President of the USA, Barack Obama!

Owura Osei-Asibeh, Gavin Alexander, Sabrina Choudhury, Tionne Tulloch-May, and Izzy Cofie (left to right in photo) were on the edge of their seats as Obama discussed key major issues including foreign affairs, racism and gender rights.

The main focus of the speech, however, was that young people had to work hard and stay optimistic about solving world issues. The President asked the audience of young adults to “reject pessimism and cynicism” and “take a longer, more optimistic view of history”.

As proponents of good character, we couldn’t agree more. If you mix a positive attitude with staying power and community spirit, then there are no problems too big to tackle.

The whole event was a great experience for our mentees, who were hugely honored to have been invited to take part:

  • “Barack Obama made me understand that you have to do the right thing, not necessarily do things ‘right.’” - Gavin
  • “[I'm going to] be more open to change. Accept others' opinions and be more understanding.” - Sabrina
  • “As well as continuing to work with kids as a tutor, I am going to seek more volunteering opportunities to help wherever I can.” - Tionne

We are proud and inspired that our young people are choosing to create positive change in the world and people around them. This is what ReachOut is all about.