The annual ReachOut Volunteer Thank You Event (VTYE) is one of our favourite nights of the year. It’s an opportunity for us to bring all of our wonderful volunteers together and show how much we appreciate their hard work, commitment and resilience.

The London VTYE took place on Wednesday 5th June at the Macquarie Group office in Moorgate. We were so pleased to have so many Mentors, Project Leaders and Corporate Partners in attendance. After some delicious food and drinks, put on by the wonderful team at Macquarie, everyone headed in to the awards ceremony. There were a number of awards; thank you to everyone who sent in nominations for each category. It was extremely difficult to decide on the winners, because there were so many deserving candidates! Congratulations to all of those who were nominated, and won awards. See a full list below, as well as some of the best photos from the evening. 


Nominees and winner

Club Volunteer of the year 

Sinem Ay

Noel Anderson

Masiha Patel

Katie Sidell-Schneider

Lukas Fiala

Jules Griffith

Kipras Undzenas - WINNER

Rita Eton

Kyann-Sian Williams

Alex Ross-Skinner

Maddie Legemah

Elliot Hughes

Myrtle Frobisher

Lucy Huntington

Andrea Akwelley Bulley

Chris Dasiewicz

Carol Logan

Daniel Land

Luisa Syed

Menelik Lee

Aaliyah Peerally

Academy Volunteer of the Year - Nominations

Kedeisha Gayle

Miriam Rich

Alex Brabyn

Ashlyn Thomas

Phil Bagguley

Babak Daemi

Gaby Mills

Arianna Ross

Chris Babalola - WINNER

Anthony Pye

Chiegiro Abosi

Platinum Award for the Highest Number of Volunteering Hours

Anthony Ng - 109 hours! 

Hidden Hero Support Award

Richard Thackray (JDX Consulting)

Emma Coletti (The App Business)

Matt Ward (DeBeers) - WINNER

Akvilė Suslavičiūtė (Macquarie)

Bryony Barrett (Futurebrand)

Club Project of the Year

North Harringay Primary School

Cayley Primary School (year 4 & 5 girls)

Redlands Primary School (year 6 girls)

Netley Primary School (year 5 boys)

Jubilee Primary School (year 6 boys)

Wellington Primary School (year 5 & 6 girls) - WINNER

Academy Project of the Year

Heartlands High School (year 7 boys)

Lilian Baylis (group A)

Trinity Academy (year 11 girls) - WINNER

Haggerston (year 8 & 9 boys)

Regent High School (year 8 girls)

Holloway (year 8 & 9)

Bridge Academy (year 9 boys)

The Petchey Academy (year 11 boys)

Wapping High School (year 10 boys)

Club Project Leader of the Year

Elise Walker

Poppy Glaister - WINNER

Laura Bradnam

Academy Project Leader of the Year

Thomas Myatt

Alice Turner - WINNER

Nicole Elliot

Kieran Dhaliwal Inspirational Student Award Laura Bradnam
Outstanding Contribution Award

Daphne McRae


James Dawes












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