This session will provide an introduction to public speaking by giving you the tools to deliver instructions and talk confidently in front of a group through a mixture of activities.

"I think of myself as a dynamo: I’m at my happiest when I can charge others, from keynotes to workshops to individual sessions. That’s where my biggest joy comes from."

This session will be delivered by Christoph Spiessens, an award-winning coach who travels all over the world using his signature training style to inspire people's professional growth and self-development. He has worked with leading companies such as Lexus, Vodafone and Expedia to help employees to significantly improve their performance in a range of fields. 

He is looking forward to contributing to your Leadership Programme training by providing you with the tools you need to deliver instructions and talk confidently in front of small and large groups of people.

You can find out more about Christoph's work at

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