Mentors have all signed up voluntarily to support a young person on a ReachOut programme. As a Project Leader, it is your responsibility to support your mentors so that they feel confident and informed in each session. You should also support them to build a positive relationship with their mentee. You should engage your volunteers by:

  • Sending them a weekly e-mail at least 48 hours before their session to make them aware of your session aims and how their actions will contribute to these
  • Be willing to delegate to volunteers during the session, bearing in mind their age and experience
  • Encouraging them to provide feedback to you and providing feedback to them
  • Getting to know them and building a 'ReachOut family' feeling within your project through promotion of ReachOut social events and setting up project socials
  • Making sure they feel valued and know how much we appreciate them - our projects wouldn't be possible without them!