Kimberly - Mentor

Kimberly is a postgraduate student at The University of Manchester. She currently mentors on both a ReachOut Club Project AND a ReachOut Academy Project and so has worked with two different mentees throughout the year. Read more

Lilli - Project Leader to Project Officer

After two years as a Project Leader, Lilli has now become one of our Project Officers in Manchester. Read about her ReachOut journey here. Read more

Fast Dreamers - Fundraisers

Hear about the Fast Dreamers of the Civil Service who took on their own bespoke challenge - walking the Jubilee line in a day! Read more

Pippa - Mentor

Pippa is a Trainee Solicitor working for Bates Wells Braithwaite in the City. She has been volunteering at a project at Wapping High School for the past academic year, and she'd like to share her story with you... Read more

Laura - Project Leader

Hear from current ReachOut Project Leader, Laura, about her time on the Leadership Programme this year. Read more

Simone - Mentor

Simone, student at Kings College, volunteers alongside her law degree. Read Simone's thoughts on mentoring and why she's volunteering. Read more

Chris - Mentor

Chris is an LSE student who also volunteers with ReachOut at a project in Tower Hamlets. Chris talks about what he loves about ReachOut and also his participation in LSE's Students for Children society. Read more

Quinita - Mentor

Hear from second year ReachOut Club mentor, Quinita, about why she loves ReachOut, the rewards, and the impact she's seen! Read more

James and James

Meet James and James; a ReachOut mentor and mentee pairing who have been working together for two years now! Read more

Malacai and Kamini

Meet Malacai and Kamini and hear how fun ReachOut can be! Read more

Alex - Mentor

"Mentoring has helped improve my patience and communication skills." Read more

Daniel - Mentor

"The ability to see real, tangible changes in young people’s lives is a heart-warming experience" Read more

Harriet - Mentor

"Seeing the girls grow and develop into better versions of themselves." Read more

Azaan - Mentee

Dean Trust Ardwick, Manchester mentee of the year! Read more

Hanif - Mentee

Hanif - Wapping High School Read more

Karishma - Mentor

"I think mentoring teaches you a lot!" Read more