What have been the most rewarding aspects of working with young people and volunteering with ReachOut? My Mentee won a prize as one of the most consistent and hardworking mentees, which was a real privilege to witness. To see the pride and joy of the mentee upon receiving the award made it all worthwhile – it is a really enriching experience to give back to others and see the positive outcomes.

Is there anything you found challenging/difficult in your mentoring role? Initially it is fairly challenging to keep their attention and enthusiasm throughout the academic work, especially when it is concerning harder elements of Maths and English. However, it is really good to see the marked difference in Staying Power, with the mentees becoming more hard working as the sessions progressed.

Do you think that volunteering has helped you develop new skills? In many ways mentoring has helped improve my patience and communication skills. Whilst I am competent with these in a corporate environment as a management consultant, this presented a completely different environment and audience – which meant developing these skills further.

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