Azaan won the award for “Mentee of the Year” for her school, Dean Trust Ardwick at the ReachOut Manchester Graduation, for her willingness to engage with tasks and her enthusiasm. Her project leader also made reference to her ability to always get involved with the sports sessions even if it was difficult.

Azaan was referred to the ReachOut Academy mentoring project due to her low confidence and low self-esteem. Azaan also stated that she wanted to improve her confidence and felt her mentor helped her do that through their one to one discussions. Although she was nervous that the mentors would not share the same interests as her she said that she didn’t have anything to worry about and was able to talk to them. She discussed that working in a group helped her to feel comfortable in approaching others, and having a mentor allowed her to do this.

Azaan particularly enjoyed activities around team work and getting to know the mentors as well as other mentees she hadn’t spoken to before. She said that the best thing she learnt since attending ReachOut was to approach new people and to not judge a book by its cover.

She also said that ReachOut impacted her attitude towards school work and motivated her to complete tasks and try her best despite being challenging. She felt her mentor had encouraged her and she was able to take the character strengths and apply them to her work.

She enjoyed working on different character strengths each week and felt she “made good progress with good judgement” and also claimed she had seen an improvement with her confidence!