This is a flexible volunteering opportunity to support the professional and personal development of our front line delivery staff - the Project Leaders.

As a mentoring charity we believe everyone can benefit from having a mentor – from the children we support right through to our staff and our Chief Executive (yes, he has a mentor!). The Career Mentoring Programme is an opportunity for employees from our corporate partners to support ReachOut by volunteering as a mentor to a Project Leader on a flexible and less frequent basis than our main mentoring programme.

Our Project Leaders are mostly university students or young professionals at the beginning of their careers. Some are participating in the Leadership Programme to gain experience working with young people and volunteers. Some are doing it to gain skills in leadership and communication. Nearly all would benefit from having a Career Mentor to guide them and provide professional advice to ensure they get the most out of the experience. 

To find the role description, person specification, expectations and timeline of the year ahead, download the Career Mentoring Information Pack:

Career Mentor Information Pack

To register your interest in being a Career Mentor please complete the form via the link below:

Career Mentor Application Form

If you have any questions, please contact Felicity Lewis on [email protected]