Our corporate supporters are not simply funders - our relationships are much broader than that. Because of the nature of our work we are unusually dependent on volunteers - and companies help us to recruit them through partnering with us to engage their employees. They also enable a crucial aspect of our work which is building the aspirations of our young people through workplace visits and skills workshops.

Case Study - Macquarie:

Our partnership started in 2009, when a Macquarie member of staff and ReachOut mentor introduced us to Rachel Engel who heads up the Macquarie European Foundation. Eight years later, we have a long term funding agreement, fundraising events that have ranged from Marathons to Keepy Uppy competitions, pro bono IT support, code clubs, employability workshops, 14 regular mentors, and David Fass, CEO EMEA has joined our trustee board. Macquarie supports every aspect of ReachOut’s work, and it feels like every part of Macquarie is involved. They challenge and motivate us in equal measure – a true partnership!

"ReachOut’s programme gives our staff the chance to contribute to the local community teaching academic skills and character to young people. In addition, teaching character has a knock on effect on the mentors who develop communication skills and staying power through volunteering on the project." Rachel Engel, Macquarie Group Foundation