What made you choose to fundraise for ReachOut? 

Some colleagues and I were looking for an opportunity to volunteer and fundraise that suited our interests and values. When I first moved to London I volunteered with ReachOut which I really enjoyed – it was a great way to give something back to the education system, and to meet new people – so I suggested we work with the ReachOut team. The Civil Service encourages its employees to volunteer and fundraise for charitable causes and my colleagues were all very enthusiastic about the ReachOut values and excited at the prospect of being able to help local young people do their very best! 

How did you decide on which challenge to do? 

We wanted to do something a bit different, that had some symbolic value for us, and allowed the whole team to be involved. We decided to walk the Jubilee line in a day – more than a marathon in terms of miles! – as it encompassed Westminster (where many of us work), as well as Lambeth and Tower Hamlets; two of the boroughs ReachOut run projects in. As it was a walk, rather than a run, we felt it would be easier for everyone to participate, and would mean we would have the time and energy to publicise our journey on the day. 

What was the highlight of the challenge? 

By far the best part of the walk was how the team stuck together and supported each other. By the end of the walk it was dark, we were tired and hungry, and just wanted to stop and rest our feet. But we made sure we stayed upbeat and kept each other motivated and we all made it to Stratford! 

How did you gain your sponsorship and spread the word? 

We set up a charitable giving page on Virgin Money and sent the link to friends, family and colleagues. We also set up a Facebook page and event and used this to publicise it to our wider networks. 

Any advice or tips for someone considering fundraising? 

I’d suggest not underestimating who would be willing to sponsor you. Don’t stick to just immediate family and close friends – you’ll find that, for a cause as worthy as that of ReachOut, plenty of people will be willing to give a little or a lot! 

Don’t rely on social media alone – good old fashioned email can work well with colleagues, and we also put up posters with a QR code that linked to our online giving page, which worked really well. 

You can also supplement the fundraising for your main challenge with other fundraising opportunities, such as bake sales, quizzes and ‘wear a novelty jumper’ days at work! 

If you’d like to fundraise for ReachOut, find out our current opportunities here, or if nothing takes your fancy, get in touch with our team.