Who we help

ReachOut partners with schools in disadvantaged communities to support young people aged 9 to 16 referred to us for one of the following reasons: low academic attainment, low confidence, behaviour issues, or because their teachers believe they would benefit from the support of a role model.

What happens

Young people meet weekly with their ReachOut mentor at after-school projects that take place in a classroom in our partner schools in term time. There are up to sixteen young people from one year group on each project, each paired with a mentor, and supervised by a project leader.

For the first hour of each session, the mentees and their mentors work one-to-one on Maths and English and structured character activities. The second hour ranges from arts and crafts to team sports with professional coaches. As well as fun and team building, these group activities all focus on character strengths.

Our programme in primary schools runs from 3.30-5.30pm and volunteers are involved all the way through. Our secondary school programme runs from 6-8pm and volunteers stay for the first hour.

Why we do these activities

We focus on attainment, character, confidence and aspiration – all personalised to the young person through a volunteer mentor, and supported by team activities and workplace experiences.

Read about our theory of change here and our character approach here.

How can you get involved?

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Sign up to become a volunteer mentor here and join the happiest mentoring team in the UK! 

Find out how to become a project leader though our innovative Project Leadership Programme here.

Find out how to join our network of partner schools here (Link schools page in our partners)Replace this with your content