Our Project Leaders come from a wide range of backgrounds, from education and children's services to marketing and finance, but they all have one thing in common - they help young people reach their potential! Each Project Leader runs a ReachOut project one afternoon or evening a week during term time.

Hanna was a Project Leader at our Redlands Primary School girls project during 2017/18. Hanna used to be a mentor with ReachOut before she took on the role of a Project Leader and here's what she thinks about it:

"Being a Project Leader is a good break from work/University where you are able to focus on giving and helping in their growth and development". 

Yemi is a full time working professional who is a Project Leader one evening a week.

Yemi wanted to become a Project Leader as he was "excited to work with both mentors and mentees in a fun and educational environment".

Anu used to be a volunteer mentor with ReachOut before becoming a Project Leader at one of our Academy projects. 

Her favourite part about being a Project Leader is "seeing the mentees develop over the course of year and seeing relationships between the mentees and mentors blossom".

Project Leader Ayulie is an Accounts Assistant working in London but he runs a ReachOut project once a week too!

He likes being a Project Leader as "you have the opportunity to push yourself and gain an invaluable learning experience".

Find out how you could join our Project Leadership Programme here.