Toby Sansom has just graduated from Queen Mary, University of London with 1st Class Honours in Geography. He joined ReachOut as a mentor in his first year, continued in his second year, and in his third year took on the role of ReachOut Project Leader.

"Before starting university I knew I wanted to get involved in mentoring because I had struggled in school, especially academically, and having a mentor would have had an invaluable impact on my education. I enjoyed being a mentor - seeing the excitement, enjoyment and progression of the boys on each project has been brilliant. ReachOut then gave me the opportunity to progress to becoming a Project Leader, being responsible for my own ReachOut primary school club. It has been fantastic but challenging - making sure that everything runs properly, and that every young person benefits means you are constantly thinking on your feet and working flexibly. I have developed the skills to lead and communicate with a team of volunteers effectively, and the whole process has been an incredible learning curve.

It's been great for my CV, and given me the chance to support the local community while I was studying at QMUL."

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