Our volunteers donate time, energy, skills and expertise to support ReachOut in whatever way they can.

Joe is a Director at UBS and has been mentoring at Bridge Academy in Hackney for 6 years.  Joe was instrumental in introducing us to his corporate responsibility team at UBS who we now partner with at Bridge Academy.  He also fundraises for us, has hosted our annual pub quiz and encourages his colleagues to get involved.

Harriet, 21, is a student at Queen Mary University London and has volunteered on a ReachOut Club project at Redlands Primary School for three years. In total she has volunteered over 80 hours and finds it is an easy commitment to fit around her studies.

Andy and Tony, from Palatine Private Equity, provide us with pro bono support in business planning and target setting, helping the ReachOut management team define our long term strategy.

Camilla and Carmen from Bank of America Merrill Lynch have been sharing their skills with us to develop our Leadership Programme. Their pro bono support has ranged from helping us define the programme, to recruitment best practice and designing the training modules.

Fahmida from Barclays volunteered at a business workshop for a group of 20 young people who came to Barclays for a morning to take part in a fun workshop aimed at developing their business skills. Fahmida says “Some of the students said it made them feel much more confident about presenting even though they were quite nervous, and that it made them want to work at a place like Barclays.”