Our young people are in the ReachOut Team and at the heart of everything we do. Hear from our Ambassadors on what ReachOut meant to them:

Shervann Miller-Ferdinand, ReachOut mentee from 2004-2011

Shervann grew up in Hackney, East London and was a ReachOut mentee from the age 9 to 16. In 2009 he was lucky enough to survive a punctured lung as a result of being stabbed in the back and is now studying Accountancy at Birmingham University. 

He was originally referred to the ReachOut Club mentoring project with the comment "Short temper, needs to work on tolerance". With ReachOut's support, Shervann excelled, growing up to be an outstanding young man of good character, and also a leader within his peer group and an example to the younger generation.

Shervann has high hopes for the future. "When I was 16 ReachOut organised a trip to Macquarie Bank where my friends and I got to talk to several employees and play a trading game with Jaffa cakes. They really inspired me and ever since then I have wanted to be an investment banker."

Gavin Alexander, ReachOut mentee from 2004 - 2007

Gavin was referred to ReachOut by his teacher at De Beauvoir Primary School when he was 7 years old due to his challenging behaviour caused by a difficult home life. 

Looking back on his time at ReachOut, Gavin said "Having positive role models was so important to help me start considering my actions and more specifically, ReachOut was the first and one of the most impactful in a long line of mentoring programmes that I was involved in as a young person."

Gavin has come full circle and now works as Project Leader for ReachOut alongside studying International Relations at SOAS University in London.