Quinita is a final year Medical Genetics student at Queen Mary University London. She lives in Hertfordshire, but travels to University and Cayley Primary School in Tower Hamlets where she volunteers with ReachOut once a week.

What do you enjoy most about mentoring at ReachOut?

Getting to know mentees in a friendly environment every week is probably my favourite part of mentoring. I love that ReachOut believe in character and developing this; character building really does make a difference to the mentees’ lives.

Now it’s your second year mentoring, is anything different?

Mentoring has now become a part of my weekly routine. The best part of my second year at ReachOut has been getting to really build on the relationship with my mentee, I worked with her last year and have continued to do so during my second year which means I’ve gotten to know her better.

What are the biggest rewards?

Seeing all the mentees enjoying the sessions and growing in confidence is really rewarding. Spending time with the girls each week means you get to know them and when you see them improve at something or enjoying themselves, you feel a sense of pride, which is really special.

Did you notice any changes in your mentee across the year?

Seeing my mentee’s confidence grow is definitely the biggest change I’ve seen. When I first worked with her, she would not easily raise her hand to answer questions, but now she is eager to speak in front of the group! I also love it when I give my mentee little tips and tricks and I see her using them.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting mentoring or considering it? 

Mentoring is a great experience, not only for your CV, but also as a life experience. I have really learned about myself from this process and I would advise anyone considering mentoring to just go for it!

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