ReachOut’s activities are designed to tackle educational inequality in young people from disadvantaged communities. Our impact measures help us to assess if we are achieving that.

We measure attainment, character strength development, changes in confidence and behaviour – but each student is also regularly appraised on their development and a personal report delivered to their teachers. You can only do this with mentoring!

"I liked fun activities and the sports at ReachOut. Also ReachOut has improved my Maths and English work and now I know more about the world."

In school year 2016/17, 348 young people attended 10 or more mentoring sessions and received 5750 hours of mentoring. Of these:

76% believed their school work had improved

80% thought their confidence had improved

64% believed their behaviour had improved

“My mentee's confidence has definitely improved over the project. He speaks up more in class”

And we also measure the impact on our mentors – to encourage new mentors to get involved – mentoring is good for you!

65% improved their skills to motivate others

70% improved their communication skills

57% improved their listening skills

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