Shcara Strudley Smith - Regent High School, Year 7 Girls project

To create an effective routine for the start of each session, Shcara decided on a seating plan.

  • Shcara sent the seating plan to mentors in advance.
  • Mentors arrived and sat in the correct place with their mentee’s folder.
  • Mentees knew where to go when they entered the room, so they sat down and caught up with their mentor.

This is an easily implemented strategy, whatever stage of the project you're at. It works well to re-establish your expectations with the group and improves both behaviour and time management.

Khadija Mannan - The Dean Trust Ardwick, Year 9 Boys Project

To engage her mentees in their work on linear equations Khadija used skittles as counters to play the Monopoly game.

This strategy works with more than just sweets; bringing in props can really engage mentees in the academic part of the session.

It’s a good idea to look a few sessions ahead in the worksheets so that you have time to develop ideas as to what you might use.

Indy Lekan-Alabi -  Wellington, Year 5 & 6 Girls project

Indy used a great getting to know you game called the string game.

  • Indy asked all mentees and mentors to stand in a circle.
  • Someone stated a fact about themselves and everyone who had that in common put their hand up.
  • The ball of string was passed to each person with a hand up who held on to the string and passed the ball on.
  • This results in a spider’s web of string which showed all the connections between people in the group.

This is a good game for any point during the project as it can be used to show the group all the things they have in common that they might not realise!