Our corporate partners are not simply funders – our relationships are much broader than that. Partnering with ReachOut enables us to plan for the future and support even more young people. For our partners, it provides the opportunity to unite employees around one cause to make a powerful impact on their local community through volunteering, fundraising and skill sharing. We work with companies to create bespoke partnerships and we are incredibly grateful to our existing supporters listed below
“ReachOut has been a fantastic experience and working with the mentees continues to become more and more rewarding. It’s hard to find anything more fulfilling than seeing a mentee enthusiastic about a subject they were previously struggling with. ReachOut’s focus on character development is instrumental and after building a relationship with my mentee, the improvement in their attitude and behaviour is clear. Throughout this process I have also grown in confidence, having been forced to be outside of my comfort zone and improve how I communicate with other people.”
Mentor from Macquarie Group

Reachout Level Up Experience


The ReachOut Level Up Experience is a volunteering scheme for university students. We‘ve partnered with some amazing employers and huge brands to ensure our volunteers get maximum value from their ReachOut experience by giving them exclusive access to incredible career development opportunities.

Reachout Level Up Experience Corporate Partners

The ReachOut Level Up Experience Programme connects high potential university students with employers looking for committed, motivated and diverse talent.  Working together, we create opportunities and positive change for young people.

As well as a range of employee engagement opportunities, from hosting career progression workshops, hosting an insight day, and volunteering as a Career Mentor.  Level Up company partners gain access to new, diverse groups of talented students with proven ambition, commitment, and the drive to have a positive impact on their community.

This year we have partnered with amazing companies who have offered some fantastic opportunities to our mentors in the ReachOut Level Up Experience. Some of our partners ran workshops for our Level Uppers to help them find out more about the graduate schemes on offer, as well as tips for their applications and interviews. They also provided all Level Uppers who completed the volunteering year with paid work placements.

Get in touch below if you want to be part of the Level Up Experience Programme.


Are you experienced in your role or field? Are you looking for a way to give back but can’t commit to weekly mentoring? Our ReachOut Career Mentoring opportunity is for you!

We’re all very aware that finding employment in the current market is difficult, especially for recent and upcoming graduates, which is why we are looking for exceptional Career Mentors to support our Project Leaders and Level Up Mentors. Career Mentors will support individuals with their professional development, setting goals and networking.

Mentors are asked to meet with mentee 6-9 times between January and September, either online or in-person. During this period, they should aim to create a productive environment to develop their mentees’ ideas and achieve short term goals.

The mentees will be made up of Project Leaders and Level Up Mentors, who are from a wide range of backgrounds and have lots of different interests so we’re keen to work with individuals from different fields and sectors. As both mentor and mentee are adults, this is a great flexible opportunity that can fit around your workload and other commitments.

Ideally, mentors will be based in London, Manchester or Liverpool, the cities in which ReachOut also supports young people. We will be hosting our Career Mentor training in November where you’ll be given a full introduction to the work ReachOut does, some top tips for mentoring and how to get the most out of your mentoring relationship. You will then be invited to a matching event in January where you will have the opportunity to meet prospective mentees and express preferences of who you’d like to be matched with.

Applications are now open to become a Career Mentor in 2022/23. Training will take place in Autumn 2022 and you will be matched with a mentee in January 2023. Find out more and signup below today!

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“At first, I was really hesitant to take on the Project Leader role, despite having mentored with ReachOut. However, with the support of the team I’ve really developed my skills. For example, at the Mentee Graduation, I stood up in front of 200 people and presented an award which is something I would never ever have been able to have done before, and isn’t an opportunity I could gain in my other situations.”

Amy McCutcheon, Project Leader at ReachOut Academy, Dean Trust Ardwick, Manchester.


“Being able to spend the summer working at Rede Partners, was an amazing experience. Whether it was working in HR or Finance, I learned so much about the world of private equity, made great connections with fantastic people and I got to learn first-hand what it would be like to work there! I really believe that I can go onto build the career I want now I’ve been a part for a workplace for real”

Victor Adekunle, 18 years old, ReachOut Ambassador, London


“When I first my mentee, she was very reluctant to participate in the sessions. Now, I see a completely different person! Her confidence has grown and she is happy to join in! She still has some self-doubt when it comes to academic work, but that’s what I hope to help her overcome, because she is a very bright person!

Through mentoring, I’ve learnt I’m a lot more patient than I realised. There will be days where she refuses to participate and those are the days that I really see the importance of the character strengths, for both the mentees and the mentors. It also makes it easier for the mentee to understand the character strengths, when I use them myself”

Myrtle, ReachOut Club mentor at Tufnell Primary School, London


“There are more distractions than ever outside of school, and the commitment of our students to attend ReachOut sessions is testament to the value they place on the relationships they foster there, and the challenge and enjoyment they provide.

ReachOut’s focus on communication skills and character development has become an important aspect of our provision of support for these students. The opportunity to relate to a positive role- model other than their usual teachers is key to the programme’s impact, and the evidence of this has been seen in the students’ attendance, resilience and to their overall progress across all the subjects in the school.”

Thomas Janvrin, Assistant Vice Principal at the Petchey Academy London