At the heart of our mission is our partnership with schools - we work closely with teaching staff to identify students who would most benefit from a mentor and then work with them across the year to monitor progress and ensure the partnership is working.

Have a look below to hear from some of our partner schools.

Bridge Academy, Hackney:

"ReachOut provides a safe, positive space for young people and there are strong, positive connotations around the charity and its brand. This really helps young people see themselves in a positive way and provides them with regular opportunities to remind them about the positive paths they can choose for their lives. It’s very valuable particularly in the context of Hackney where there are many options for students to get involved in criminal activity. The mentors act as regular role models and I know that many of the boys care very deeply about how their mentor would feel if they got into trouble" - Jennifer Lindsey, Teacher at Bridge Academy 

Holloway School, Islington:

"ReachOut is a high impact initiative for our young people, most of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds; Holloway School has 75% of students eligible for Pupil Premium funding. Not only does ReachOut provide academic, emotional and practical advice for our students through the mentoring, but it also provides them with a safe environment to play and socialise; something they do not readily get in their inner-city communities. ReachOut is integral to the work that the school does in order to effect the social mobility of our school community. It provides opportunities beyond the purely academic and the success rates are measured in the excellent attendance percentages of our youngsters during the evening programme." - Alan Streeter, Headteacher at Holloway School

Jubilee Primary School, Hackney:

"We have had ReachOut in the school for over 14 years. It has helped our children with their attitude and has helped to instil life-long values based on the four character strengths. They will be well equipped to take the next step with their transition from primary to secondary. Hopefully ReachOut will ignite passions in them that they too will inspire others and become ambassadors to help change other childrens lives. We love having ReachOut at our school, the children love having the mentors and love the cool and exciting things that they do. Aspiration and doing well needs to be encouraged at all times, and ReachOut does this so well." - Norma Hewins, Headteacher at Jubilee Primary School

Regent High School, Camden:

"The ReachOut mentoring programme has been a huge success in its first year at Regent High School. The programme offers so much to so many different pupils: the quality of the mentoring received by our students is first class; they provide the positive role models that are missing so many pupils lives; the literacy and numeracy support has made a significant contribution to the progress being made by our pupils in these areas. However, the support and guidance offered to several of our pupils who struggle to moderate their behaviour and who were at risk of exclusion from school has been the clearest to see. All of our pupils who were placed on the programme for this reason have dramatically improved their behaviour and are no longer at risk of being permanently excluded. One teacher described the change in one pupil as being “Almost unbelievable”. We are thrilled that we get to continue to be part of the ReachOut programme next year." - Nick Smith, Deputy Headteacher at Regent High School 

Heartlands High School, Haringey:

“At Heartlands we wanted an intervention that would engage our students who were struggling to reach their potential in the classroom, picking up too many behaviour points and at risk of being excluded. ReachOut are a fantastic match for Heartlands’ SEARCH for SUCCESS vision which reinforces in our students the belief that through effort, responsibility, character and high aspirations all students are able to succeed.  As well as the weekly one to one mentoring and sports project, ReachOut has provided our students with a wealth of enrichment opportunities including a  residential trip, regular trips to their corporate supporters offices and a fantastic work experience placement at Warner Music to name a few. The ReachOut Academy is unique in that it appeals to some of our most at risk pupils and we’ve seen some of our most disengaged students thrive through the benefit of the individualised support of the project. The academic mentoring and sporting balance of the programme is brilliant – there is no stigma attached to being part of ReachOut -  in fact the students love it. “ - Mr Simon Garrill, Executive Headteacher, Heartlands Community Trust

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