ReachOUt +

What is ReachOut+?

ReachOut+ is a mentoring programme for 16-18 year olds, launched in August 2021. We pair young people with mentors from a range of professional backgrounds. The young people and their mentors meet on a weekly basis. There are up to 16 young people in a group and the same number of mentors, along with a Project Leader who leads the session.

Why take part?

How does it work?

Before the first session:

You will complete a short form to share what you’d like to get out of the ReachOut+ sessions. For example, what are your goals, what skills you’d like to develop, and more. This will help us look for the right mentor for you.

Session 1:

The Project Leader will introduce ReachOut to the group. You’ll meet all of the mentors and take part in group activities for everyone to get to know one another.

Session 2:

You’ll get the chance to talk to all the mentors in 5 minute one-to-one sessions. Have lots of questions prepared to find out more about what they do and how they can help you in your own career development!

Session 3 and beyond:

You will be officially paired with your mentor and start working with them one-to-one. There will also be other small group activities with other young people and their mentors.

How do i get involved?

If you’d like more information on ReachOut+, please contact Mehmet: 

You can also sign up straight away, by clicking below.