We are pleased to share the following case study from one of our Academy projects which highlights the transformative effect and positive impact a consistent and dedicated mentor can have on a young person. The below video was recorded two years ago of a mentee and mentor partnership: James and James. Now that James (mentee) has completed his GCSE exams, we thought it would be a good opportunity to find out what James did next...

James (mentee) started attending ReachOut from Year 7 and quickly developed a strong rapport with his volunteer mentor James White from Macquarie Group. The two shared more than the same name, with a love of all things football bridging their differences.

James continued in the ReachOut programme for 5 years at Petchey, slowly growing in character and developing confidence. When James White was required to relocate back to Australia with his job at Macquarie he ensured that James was not let down and his colleague Ahmod stepped in to continue mentoring him!

Fast forward to 2019 and James White received an incredibly excited email to his inbox in Australia from James in Hackney saying that he had made it to the interview stage for an exclusive paid internship! This was provided by one of ReachOut’s corporate partners, a private equity firm, Rede Partners LLP.

Ahmod ensured that James received additional support at his project to prepare for the interview and having followed James on his ReachOut journey all were delighted when James was offered the placement.

From the self-proclaimed ‘shy guy in the corner’ who had moved to Hackney from Nigeria in the midst of his education – James went on to successfully complete and impress all who met him at Rede Partners during his summer placement.

Rachel Smart from Rede Partners said: "We loved having James join our team at Rede Partners for six weeks this summer. He was a great addition to the office and really threw himself into learning about our Finance and Human Resources functions. We hope he enjoyed the placement as much as we enjoyed having him! James, we wish you all the best with your future and thanks again for your hard work!"

James’s dedication to the ReachOut Programme shows the positive impact and intervention a mentor can have upon a young person’s life and how one hour a week can make a difference.