Celebrating our 2022 London Volunteer Thank You Event

On Monday 11th April we held our annual London Volunteer Thank You Event in person for the first time since 2019!  

We invited all of our London volunteers to the Macquarie offices to thank them for their commitment and hard work over the last year. Over the course of the evening we heard from different members of the ReachOut community, gave out awards to recognize mentors, projects and Project Leaders who have gone above and beyond, and even heard from some of our young people about what ReachOut and their mentors mean to them.  

It was a wonderful evening celebrating the last year with so many of our ReachOut mentors. A huge thank you to everybody who joined us for the evening and to Macquarie for being such excellent hosts.  

Below you can find the full list of our award winners and access the photos from the evening. 

Bronze Award Winners (for volunteering 30+ hours):

  • Aishwarya Herekar
  • Alex Martin
  • Alexandra Farrell
  • Ame Ngwako
  • Amisha Fernandes
  • Ana-Maria Coromelcia
  • Anisa Salad
  • Anisa Singh
  • Beatrice Berutti
  • Ben Belward
  • Bhavleen Kaur
  • Charindi Perera
  • Ching Yi Fok
  • Eli Tsoneva
  • Eloise Davis
  • Emma Walford
  • Eniola Olabode
  • Fan Liu
  • Fatheha Khanom
  • Fatheha Khanom
  • Ina Plunien
  • Indra Traore
  • Isha SALEEM
  • Jaimie Leung
  • jamila geedi
  • Jara A. Masso
  • Jasmin Kees
  • Jesifa Simol
  • Jorge Vafeas
  • Julia Mirkina
  • Julia Mirkina
  • Kamila Siegieda
  • Kamryn Dudwal
  • Katrina Fuller
  • Keefe Ng
  • Kuldeep Dusanj
  • Laura Patricia Tomar
  • Maheera Choudhury
  • Mahid Miah
  • Martina Maria de Nigris
  • Miriam Afrifa-Adusei
  • Naima Begum
  • Naomi Minsky
  • Nathida Tsuwan
  • Nisha Bamaniya
  • Nivetha Sivakumar
  • Olivia Corcoran
  • Peter Muteti
  • Prashanna Vivekananda
  • Rachel Tan
  • Rebecca Taub
  • Reem Al-Shamisi
  • Sabbar Yasin
  • safi mohamud
  • Sam Crutcher
  • Samirah Begum
  • sheila jones
  • Shelley Hicks
  • Tahsin Hussain
  • Tamzen Lewis-hartley
  • Tess Cohen
  • Tharmieha Tharmaseelan
  • Tom Warren
  • Toni-Anne McKenzie
  • Yang Jin Khoo
  • Zahra Ga-al
  • Zaineb Sheikh
  • Zoe Stebbings

Silver Award Winners (for volunteering 50+ hours):

  • Aisha Barnes
  • Bethany Cameron
  • celine haffner
  • Chloe Austin
  • Duangkamon Srisami
  • Farrah Kitabi
  • inderjeet kaur
  • Julia Sutton
  • Khushali Parmar
  • Lexus Bonsu Sarkodie
  • Luke Louca
  • Mikaela Acheampoma-Bonsi
  • Myma Acquah
  • Nadia Lupton
  • Pierre Hyman
  • Rani Govender
  • Rhea Datta
  • Rhian Williams
  • Richard Boadu
  • Saeed Absia
  • Steven McCann

Gold Award Winners (for volunteering 75+ hours):

  • Alex Ross-Skinner
  • Arshana Rajaratnam
  • Ayesha Nayyar
  • Bindi Popat
  • David Ellis
  • Juliette Modolo
  • Katie Sidell-Schneider
  • Laila Zaied
  • Marriah Hossain
  • Natasha Kinash
  • Paris Bourke-White
  • Simon Maher

Platinum Award Winners (for volunteering 100+ hours):

  • Alex Shoyoye 
  • Anthony Pye 
  • Helena Frean 
  • Matthew Davis

Outstanding Commitment Award (People who won the Platinum Award last year and have carried on volunteering!)  

  • Annie Colbert 
  • Catherine Purkiss 
  • Emily Stockton 
  • Gabrielle Mills 
  • Heather Robbins 
  • Yusra Hussain 
  • Zeta Meheux 

Club Project Leader of the Year – Matt Barham 

Academy Project Leader of the Year – Natalie Jinadu 

Club Volunteer of the Year – Kuldeep Dusanj 

Academy Volunteer of the Year – Simon Maher 

Club Project of the Year – Mossford Green Primary School 

Academy Project of the Year – Wapping High School, Boys Group 

Partnership of the Year – Dale Underwriting Partners 

Outstanding Contribution Award – Poppy Brown and Bindi Popat 

Download your photos

You can download the photos from the event via Google Drive by clicking here. 

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“At first, I was really hesitant to take on the Project Leader role, despite having mentored with ReachOut. However, with the support of the team I’ve really developed my skills. For example, at the Mentee Graduation, I stood up in front of 200 people and presented an award which is something I would never ever have been able to have done before, and isn’t an opportunity I could gain in my other situations.”

Amy McCutcheon, Project Leader at ReachOut Academy, Dean Trust Ardwick, Manchester.


“Being able to spend the summer working at Rede Partners, was an amazing experience. Whether it was working in HR or Finance, I learned so much about the world of private equity, made great connections with fantastic people and I got to learn first-hand what it would be like to work there! I really believe that I can go onto build the career I want now I’ve been a part for a workplace for real”

Victor Adekunle, 18 years old, ReachOut Ambassador, London


“When I first my mentee, she was very reluctant to participate in the sessions. Now, I see a completely different person! Her confidence has grown and she is happy to join in! She still has some self-doubt when it comes to academic work, but that’s what I hope to help her overcome, because she is a very bright person!

Through mentoring, I’ve learnt I’m a lot more patient than I realised. There will be days where she refuses to participate and those are the days that I really see the importance of the character strengths, for both the mentees and the mentors. It also makes it easier for the mentee to understand the character strengths, when I use them myself”

Myrtle, ReachOut Club mentor at Tufnell Primary School, London


“There are more distractions than ever outside of school, and the commitment of our students to attend ReachOut sessions is testament to the value they place on the relationships they foster there, and the challenge and enjoyment they provide.

ReachOut’s focus on communication skills and character development has become an important aspect of our provision of support for these students. The opportunity to relate to a positive role- model other than their usual teachers is key to the programme’s impact, and the evidence of this has been seen in the students’ attendance, resilience and to their overall progress across all the subjects in the school.”

Thomas Janvrin, Assistant Vice Principal at the Petchey Academy London